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The modern life is an endless series of decisions taken. We have to choose, asking the question: "either-or".  We ask ourselves:. Where to work, how to relax, where and with whom to go, what to buy, etc.?

After selecting the car, we get new questions. For example, when choosing oil: buy oil " X"  or buy Oil "Y", realizing that the oil itself, bathed in a canister as a chemical substance, it is impossible to evaluate before you buy .

While standing at the counter, we are often guided by emotional evaluations, remembering the beautiful well-known brands advertising on television, on billboards, in fashion magazines, such as branded cars on the track racing series.

We spend twice and sometimes even three times more money by purchasing oil promoted brands, paying for their advertisements, glossy, cool cars, not thinking about the fact that the choice has been made under the influence of emotions.

The situation in the economy, every year more and more insistently inclines us to make informed decisions, removing the emotional component to the background.

An example of such an approach automotive oils Turbo PULS , created for people who make a deliberate rational decisions and understanding the value of the result. According to studies, the cost of oil Turbo PULS based on 1 km run to replace one of the best on the market.

The oils Turbo PULS advertising costs are minimized, and the range and forms of packaging optimized for the needs of the majority of engines that makes Turbo PULS oil ideal choice.

Producer pays special attention to the quality, executing a full certification of engine oils, using only proven raw materials and strightlyfollow  the technical production regulations .

For the first time the motor oil production started in 2011 by order of the group of companies "Rossintez".

Over the years the oil under this brand managed to find its niche, firmly entrenched on the shelves of spare parts stores in many CIS countries, as a high quality product. It is offered at an affordable price for the majority of car owners.

Brand Manufacturer technical oils plant "JV YUKOIL" (Ukraine) in 2014 decided to cease cooperation with the former customer and started self-promotion of products on the Ukrainian market, CIS countries, and and entering the EU market.

We invite everyone who appreciates their money, make a rational decision in favor of oil Turbo PULS.