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The technical oils plant  "JV YUKOIL" - oil producer under the brand name Turbo PULS invites you to cooperate.

In order to build an effective sales network, we actively cooperate with the regional distribution companies, large and small wholesale trade companies, national and local trade networks, network and non network filling stations and service stations, retailers as well as international partners. 

While choosing business partners, we are guided by the following criteria:

  • willingness to develop and improve its activities;
  • positive reputation in the region;
  • involvement in the business owner;
  • balanced product portfolio;
  • the availability of resources to maintain and expand the business;
  • the presence of an established sales system (staff, warehouse, logistics).


We have always maintained a substantial profitable products at our warehouses that can satisfy any demand even in times of peak demand.

Turbo PULS products are certified.

We invite you for cooperation.

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