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I bought a used car, should I change the oil?

It's a question of your confidence in the seller. In any case, we recommend to change the oil, make sure that you can safely use the vehicle until the next scheduled oil change.


Why oil becomes dark while increasing the mileage?

The fact that over time oil darkens - is good and right. This process occurs due to operation of detergent and dispersant additives. These additives are necessarily added to all modern motor oils.

The purpose of these additives: washing - launder combustion products which are formed due to the engine cylinder walls, pistons and other parts, as a dispersant - keep washed combustion products in suspension and prevent them from re-settling on these details.

It was washed particles are suspended affect the color of engine oil, making it dark during the second half period of operation. If the oil does not darken growth path - this may be indicative of the absence dispersant additive and indirectly say that dirt settled on engine parts.


How to distinguish the original from the fakes TURBOPULS oil?

Distinguish branded products are available on the following grounds:

  • Each canister closed with the first opening control cap;
  • The neck sealed with a metal membrane cover;
  • Foil label with brand design and metallic elements;
  • The date and lot No printing on the can by manufacturer.


The difference between semi-synthetic oil and mineral oil, why it is better?

Semi-synthetic oil has the best price / quality ratio,  better performance characteristics than mineral oils.

Mineral oil is more affordable, but, in spite of its cheapness, properly perform its functions.

A disadvantage of mineral oils is that they are faster than other types of oils are subjected to destruction and change the viscosity (liquefy) over time.


My car emits smoke when starting. What does the appearance of smoke?

If smoke which comes from the exhaust pipe, has a characteristic bluish undertone, this suggests that oil enters the engine's combustion chamber. At the same time the combustion of fuel and oil is released the same blue smoke. To solve this problem is likely to require engine repair.


Why do oil pressure indicator lit?

It could be several reasons for that, and they can be different: starting from leaking oil up to wrong selected motor oilviscosity. We recommend you to contact the service station.